The Rules

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The Rules

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0.) Forum Mandate
The purpose of this forum is to promote the creation of light novels by providing a place for the creators to teach each other, improve their skills, forge collaborations, and promote their work.

1.) Age
This is an 18+ forum.
If at any point we have reason to believe you are under the age of 18, you will be banned.

2) "Serious Topics"
There is no "serious discussion" subform for a reason.
Discussion of "serious topics" (Politics, religion, social issues, etc.) is generally not allowed unless directly pertaining to matters relevant to light novels (e.g. copyright issues). Discussion of issues raised in good faith by a novel will be allowed in threads about that novel. However, we will end any discussion of "serious topics" that becomes uncivil.

3.) Harassment & Criticism
Harassment, verbal abuse, threats, shaming, discrimination, sexual misconduct, deliberately offending other users, and any other abusive activity will not be tolerated.

We encourage constructive criticism, but direct criticism towards work and ideas, rather than criticizing people. Criticism should be offered with the intent to improve a work. Insults or criticisms meant to tear down a work or person are not acceptable.

As this is a forum filled with creative minds, you're likely to receive constructive criticism and suggestions on your work. You don't have to agree with the criticisms, but don't get defensive over someone's well-meaning opinion. In the case that the person is merely being rude or insulting, report the post and move on.

4.) Language
The common language of the forum is English and the primary purpose of the forum is to improve and promote English light novels.

5.) Illegal Content
Links to illegal means of acquiring software or media are prohibited.

6.) Impersonation & Multiple Accounts
Do not attempt to impersonate another user or author. Each person should have only one account.

7.) Basic Forum Etiquette
* Posts should stay on-topic to the thread.
* Do not double-post (do not post twice in a row in the same thread, unless you have significant new information)
* Do not "bump" threads unless you have something new to contribute
* Do not send bulk unsolicited private messages
* Do not post spam, or messages that look like spam

8.) Adult Content
Although the forum itself is 18+, threads containing or discussing adult content (Including, but not limited to: Explicit sexual activity, sexual nudity, extreme gore, extreme violence) must be placed in an adult section.

If a subject has no adult section, that means discussion of adult aspects of that subject are forbidden.


These rules are not all-encompassing, and people might find loopholes and technicalities. Administrators may take action in response to disruptive behavior, rudeness, or creative ways of circumventing the rules. These situations will be handled on a case by case basis.